goal setting

Back after an unexpected 2 week hiatus. I took time off to deal with conference related matters and also some other events that had to be planned. Ironic, because the last draft post on the 18th was about tlc and self care. Didn’t have time to publish it :smirk: However the next Compose Conference set in September in Melbourne looks fantastic! Absolutely amazing that the conference went international, I’m so happy about that.

Some lifestyle changes I’ve made during the hiatus to be healthier:

  • Quit coffee, now a tea drinker
  • Make a daily smoothie to replace bacon + egg + coffee breakfast
  • Running 2x a week
  • Gym 3+ times a week and a plan for 6x/week workouts
  • Sleep 8 hours a night

Health is important. I feel much happier and energized. Read The One Thing, from which I learned that it takes 66 days to form a new habit. While this healthier lifestyle was inspired by upcoming dance performance(s), it was kismet. A wake up call of sorts that makes me realize there’s nothing stopping me from giving my body well. The better shape I’m in, the better I can help others whether it’s learning to code, finding coding jobs, or so on.

Some fun with APIs

My attention keeps going towards mobile apps, I’m fascinated with how so many users are adopting a pocket pc of sorts to deal with all the tasks like email and other relationship maintenance tasks (texts, IMs, social media updates, etc.) And for the single and ready to mingle folks, they are able to use their device to meet new people.

I thought to check out the instagram api once again, since I wanted to start a couple new feeds and wanted to grab statistics of users who liked certain photos for a seed round of users to follow for new account. Sadly I defaulted to their publicized Python based api wrapper but then later realized there’s probably one for Instagram as well.

Joined Snapchat over the weekend to help someone promote a viral campaign, and decided to make use of the new account to share glamorous aspects o coding. Do you like?

I've hopped aboard the snapchat wagon. Follow me for nerdy things like this 🤓 💻 Snapchat: katychuang #coding #ladycoder #programming #api #instagramapi #datascience #webdeveloper #analytics #macbook #emacs #python #spacemacs #programmer #commandline

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But now after a step away I’m ready to immerse back to coding. I’ve some IG followers excited to learn from me and I’m SO THRILLED to see interest from folks about learning to code.