Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I’m Dr Kat. I’m a coder by day and learning how to make videos by night! Love programming and great design.

While my PhD specialized in UX Research, I work with an analytics consulting boutique firm. I completed a Data Engineering Fellowship some time ago and still learning about the latest tools for building cloud services and how all the data pipes connect. I like to combine my interests sometimes - fashion, photography, and food into my coding projects so you might see some posts related to those topics. My portfolio site contains more information about my experiences and background.

This blog is my journal covering the day to day aspects as I learn more about bleeding edge programming languages, data science techniques, data engineering ecosystems, and learn to work with bleeding edge, state of the art tools for building big data infrastructures. That’s a lot of fancy words saying I’m learning to automate the management of really big datasets in a computer-supported collaborative work (CSCW) environment!

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