2 months in

Today I was asked about my design work on ReflexFRP.org and well regrettable its progress is delayed1. I’m glad there is interest in the open source work though I wonder if finding my blog a month and half after it was published was a matter of having claimed my feed on bloglovin and SEO remarkably improved.

Regardless, that speculation is neither here nor there. I remembered that I haven’t posted here in a while, I should. Checked how long I’ve been posting here, 2 months ago this day that I started though didn’t even last a full month of daily posts: (1) keep a regular daily schedule that includes writing for this blog, and (2) keep posts short and quick to publish2. Perhaps the daily schedule was aiming too high even with 5 mins? :sweat_smile:

I didn’t anticipate how much time it can be to commit to being a performer in NYC but also I’ve been told that this year the interest in Polynesian themes increased dramatically so there are more show requests. Spring and Summer in NYC means lots of festivals and being one of the few Polynesian dance group Lei Pasifika here in NYC means we are often called to perform often during warm seasons. Especially for the Tahitian style we specialize in. Each performance has an overhead for rehearsing choreography and formations as well as preparing costumes…. so trying to find ways to streamline that process. I enjoy being around these high-energy peoples despite their different ways of thinking and doing things :grin:

Here’s a quick take of our last huge show. Turn off your sound if you’re in a public space!

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Back to further discussion about this blog. This blog started to help with personal and professional development with a supportive audience - I hadn’t figured it out at the time that it was the reason for wanting to start a new daily blog instead of posting at the other one. It still is my save space for exploring new things and reflecting, so on that note will share some accomplishments since the last post.

  • Organized my spice drawer to have O(1) retrieval time. Got the idea from Cooking for Geeks.
  • Fitness goals - 5 weeks into a rigorous 6 week program, I lost 6 lbs.
  • Learned to use Adobe Premier to create another tutorial video, this time with more sound effects.
  • I’ve since learned that having a shotgun mic will help a lot with capturing better quality sound, and also from reading “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro” I’m learning about getting great shots.
  • Applying these techniques to short videos like this funny one and this cute one. Instagram limits video uploads between 15 seconds and 60 seconds so I’ve been working with that range.
  • Over 500 Instagram followers.. wow! I’m glad there are folks interested in coding and tech over there.
  • Going through the basic concepts of music production course over at Coursera. I want to get better at matching sounds with visuals. Because how else can I spice up screencasts of screens full of code?
  • Continuing to learn how to take nicer photos, and posting them to my flickr feed.
  • Uploaded my work in progress for redesigning the GHC Homepage. Still have to move the content over to markdown files and fix the navigation but for now the css is looking to be in better shape.

One of the projects I'm working on in my free time! Redesigning the ghc homepage. http://haskell.org/ghc #webdesign #css #haskell #opensource #photofy #screenshot #coding #functionalprogramming #workinprogress

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Last note, through this blog and also through my fitness tracker I learned that I pull strong performance for 3 weeks at a time. This number is probably related to my menstrual cycle though I’d have to circle back and check dates to see if that is so… maybe I am consistent afterall.

1 Spending a lot of time away from the computer the past few weeks with apartment hunting in NYC and participating in dance performances.

2 This blog was named 5min originally for producing a new post in 5 mins. Depending on the nature of the post it can take between 1 hr to a full day to write. :grimacing: Having the emacs chords helps tho!