5 Bullet Friday

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Another week approaches the end! :smile:

Some community related announcements:

  • Currently looking for leads on companies using Haskell and also the ones who are hiring! Mostly curious about opportunities in NYC, hopefully can publish a list of helpful leads for those who want to work on Haskell in NYC. Planning to put a list of NYC area companies using Haskell on NY-Haskell.org. Really glad I met up with the nlang folks yesterday morning. Evie’s encouragement was really helpful otherwise I’d have been too anxious and delay getting started.
  • Released the Compose Conference 2016 summary page. One example of where using a static site generator with a JSON file for the data and a template made it SO MUCH easier to quickly get this information out.
  • The venue for the next Haskell Saturday event will soon to be finalized~~ can’t wait!

Some other highlights from the week:

  • Attended the Girl Develop It study group last night and met some lovely ladies. There I learned that there exists a slack integration that controls spotify playlists.
  • Learned a couple of metrics about human body expenditure: basal metabolic rate (BMR) and resting metabolic rate (RMR). These are numbers you need to know in order to properly estimate calorie needs per day, and then helps impact your daily caloric intake and expenditure.