5 Bullet Friday

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Another week wrapped up, and a long overdue weekly update :)

  • Chopin is awesome to listen to while coding. You can listen live performance recordings from the Chopin Institute
  • Was bummed when I first found out about not having Fios Fiber cable availability in my new neighborhood, but now realized the speeds of cable is comparable and I’m excited about the benefit of having cable internet subscription – it means access to hotspots! This opens up more workspaces abroad across the city.
  • You can browse the internet privately with apps such as Private Internet Access or Bear. The latter provides a free tier.
  • Discovered the usefulness of the tagging function in my password manager. I labelled all the accounts where mail needs to be redirected and it helped streamline the process of updating addresses.
  • Tutored someone new to coding an introduction to Python! We went over the fuzz buzz exercise to get familiar with iterating through list and using conditional statements that contain arithmetic.

Sometimes, you don’t need a table to get work done, just a quiet nook and the aspirations to be productive.

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