5 Bullet Friday

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  • Long train rides are a great way to complete Udemy online courses. I almost finished one riding up to the Bronx, about 1.5 hrs one way ride.
  • Been a bit of a process to collect information about coffee shops in the South Brooklyn area that would be conducive to coding. It’s going to take patience surely, someday I’ll find the right person to ask who will know the answer in depth. Hopefully the map I put together helps with spreading the information.
  • Planning out the next Haskell Hangout and providing some support to the Haskell Book study group. Man it’s a busy month already full of things to schedule :sweat:
  • I’m off to a dance workshop this weekend. Not sure what it’d be like out in Baltimore or what the structure of the workshop will be like. Also it’s the first time I traveled outside of work or the family/wedding type of trip. Looking forward to trying something new and meeting new people! :smile:
  • Wow 100+ likes on my recent coding picture on Instagram.

Using a haskell web gui framework that is much like #clojurescript. It is #reflexfrp and I'm creating svgs in the browser. #webdeveloper #svg #vectorgraphics #css #html #webdesign #haskell #emacs coding #linux #spacemacs #chrome #functionalprogramming #ghcjs #screencast

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