Demo Day; Welcome Party!

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Demo Day

Morning was a bit frantic for some of the fellows who were putting together slides. Catered lunch started at 12pm followed by the slides turn in time was 1pm. I used google slides to create my 4-6 slides. I guess working on front end of web development in the consulting world helped with shaping together a structure with reasonable looking place holders and mockup images?

The slides I had were:

  1. Title slide with a pun
  2. Sparse slide focusing on motivation
  3. A more detailed motivation slide
  4. Testing framework, some things to measure at a high level
  5. Pipeline diagram showing the ingestion, processing, data store process
  6. Charts and stuff to generate as the end product
  7. About me with contact info

I wish I thought more about specific data formats and queries rather than keeping it so open and high level. However, I have no idea how to choose! There are so many options and angles to approach this project and subject of building pipelines for sneaker data.

The director suggested I could investigate and provide an objective corroboration to the charts published by dataArtisans. They back Flink and so the tests could very well be biased. Here’s one of the charts.

"Parallel streaming grep task, which searches the stream for events that contain a string matching a regular expression. This was measured in a 30-node cluster of a total of 120 cores." via [dataArtisans](

Sitting through many presentations took patience. I haven’t been in meetings for a long time and it sure is something to get used to. Despite that antsiness I was glad to see a wide variety of topics!

Welcome Party

Not much else to report about the fellowship. The rest of the afternoon and evening as were all about stepping away from the computer for the welcome party _