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It’s Monday again, and now week 3.

This week we are to push our pipelines to failure to understand bottlenecks, throughput, and latency. These concepts along with understanding how to build database schemas, tuning systems, and creating partitions are some of the things future employers would look for.


  • Throughput: how much data will go through
  • Latency: how long it takes for data to move

Also this week we start to reshape our resumes, making sure we have clean and clear layouts. Links to our github, linkedin, and Insight project page. A bit crazy to think that in a couple of weeks we’ll be ready to demo something.

One of the alumni described web development to us today.

Tonight some of us got General Tso’s chicken from down the street. This signifies a week of long nights ahead.

Today's theme: General Tso's chicken for dinner #insightatnight #insightfellows #dinner #chinesetakeout

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