NY Haskell Hangout

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This is cross-posted under the NY-Haskell.org blog.

Today 25 haskellers gathered together to spend a Saturday afternoon to chat about Haskell and code in Haskell. Some folks worked on their own projects, or studied specific aspects of the languages, and plenty of beginners were working through the haskell book together.

Watching folks working each other reminded me of a quote:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

  • African Proverb


I took photos of the event, and thought they came out very well. I used my micro 4/3 camera and low light lens (f1.7). Really liking how the photos turned out!

Embedded a few of my favorites below. More at https://flic.kr/s/aHskx6zqYt

Haskell Hack & Chill

Haskell Hack & Chill

Haskell Hack & Chill

Haskell Hack & Chill

Haskell Hack & Chill

Lightning Talks

In the last hour, a few fine folks gave lightning talks:

Hector talked about his project PTCPD server project, which is a server-side PTCP component in Haskell that can host a plain text chat network. He got the crowd to participate in chatting on his demo network!

Libby mentioned the web tool she uses for her work at PositionDev, which generated a lively discussion about Haskell web frameworks.

Kat mentioned this ny-haskell.org website, and welcomed everyone in the group to contribute pull requests via github. (http://github.com/ny-haskell/ny-haskell.org)

Many thanks to our generous host for the day, PositionDev!


NY Haskell is always looking for venue sponsors so please reach out to us organizers on meetup if you’ve room to host our events!