5 Bullet Friday

Happy Friday! Normally on Fridays I write down 5 bullet points of random things learned throughout the week. This week I want to share some of the thoughts that occurred while listening to podcasts throughout the week.

  • Ripple effects can/may happen spontaneously. Economic changes to food supply impacts recipe innovation, which in turns impacts consumption. Nationwide changes can impact societal health. Interestingly, lemon peels have an ingredient that kills flea larvae. From Brain Stuff: How Did a Parisian Lemonade Craze Fight the Plague? Link
  • Taste is subjective, yet some flavors are universal. Sometimes the products made on whim to solve a specific need and end up lasting a lifetime. Thomas Edison introduced fried potatoes to the US in late 18th century after a trip to Paris, and decades later a diner complained about crispness to the chef who then slathered salt onto very crisp thin sliced fried potato. From Brain Stuff: Where Did The Potato Chip Come From? link
  • The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Grade school teachers pay attention to the kids who ask for help and some kids are raised to not ask for help. Save your time, ask for help. The worst is “no”. From 60 second science: Poorer Kids May be Too Respectful at School. Link
  • Diva ‘tude is a winning attitude. Sometimes you just have to grab the mic and take the spotlight. I’m inspired by the female author (and boss of the guy in the interview) jump in to command the conversation, when the host asked the dude to define concepts. From IBM Data & Analytics - Making Data Simple: Machine Learning for Dummies Link
  • The lack of boundary objects in organizations is still a relevant concept in this day and age (Susan Leigh Star and James R. Griesemer originally introduced this concept in 1989). Pixel perfect measurements are not easy to pass on without clarifying between both parties. How many decades have designers and developers worked together to create websites? As these roles increasingly specialize, and while there are available at their disposal something like Invision to assist collaboration, it seems not everyone knows about it. From Design Details #223: Demystified Denim (feat. Jessica Karle) Link