Intro to Book Club Series

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As we roll closer to the Lunar New Year, and to me - my official “New Year” start (everything from calendar year Jan 1 to Lunar New Year is a warm-up) - I’ve decided to revisit the roots with this blog. Namely, write more blog posts (more frequently than once in a blue moon), and shorter pieces to achieve that goal.

The high level objective is to move towards focusing on making steady, linear progress towards specific goals that I will low level manage in pseudo quantitative ways.

Last year, I worked on developing consistency on a solo project of of building a photography portfolio with conscious weekly additions. Not for fame or fortune, just to drop a pin in my week to produce tangible memories to look back on in the future. It was a goal of about 50 images for the whole year with no rhyme or reason except to be better about setting a consistent schedule for posting. I learned throughout the course of the year that setting a certain day to publish the image to the collection made it easier. Having seen the remarkable progress with keeping momentum with that project, particularly how it lead to dreaming up even cooler projects and the response from friends reaching out to hire me for professional photoshoots, I want to apply the weekly goals concept back to this blog to see how it impacts my productivity.

I generally hesitate to announce intentions before doing the work, of having results to show. However, think it will have to be stated here for posterity. This year I want to be more well read, and also work on researchy projects. These two activities because, I’d like to get back to research roots (fun fact: it’s about 10 years ago that I started the PhD program, and when I learned of Marcia Bates’ Invisible Substrate of Information Science). Reading and analyzing were the bread and butter of those days of yore. Hopefully the bread and butter of present day also, to maintain a trim figure :wink:

Thinking the best strategy with the foreseeable future is to schedule regular time for these activities, which is why I’m introducing a Book Club Series of blog posts this year to facilitate the constant momentum. Self-reporting is one of the best tools for behavior change and this is where my reports will be published.

Today’s progress: I’ve picked a book to start reading. I’ve read 4 pages in, so prognosis is looking good. Hope to have something to report back about the book in a week or so as well as reveal its title :smile: