HacNYC Pictures & Highlights

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Friday Warm-up

An evening of folks chit chatting and meeting each other. Met someone from Montreal and talked about how fun NYC is to visit.

Helped @pete_rood with cabal, and he started a forensics study to find out why his PATH settings were conflicting with cabal.

Saturday Morning

More folks arrived as the day went on and we set up more tables and chairs for attendees. Soon it was time to order lunch. We ordered 10 pies and a salad. It was gone in less than an half an hour. We ordered 5 more pies.

By 1pm the room was crowded, we counted about 55 folks.

Another few hours passed by quickly. I walked over to Gristedes in Brooklyn Heights to get snacks for everyone. On the way I was admiring the blue sky and took another photo of the beautiful outdoors.

Food.. Cupcakes and cookies. Salsa and chips.


We had paper sign up in addition to the wiki page. We had about 10 talks this first day. Room was packed!

I took a video from another angle to show how packed the room was.

Some of the talks:

  • Demonstrations of a simulation of earth’s path around the sun using Gloss.
  • Parallel computing demonstrations for brain research
  • Homotopy Type theory (Homotopy Type Theory Reading Group)
  • Introduction to Type Families
  • Reporting system using ermine and jmacro