Data Engineering Related Podcasts

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Here are a few that were mentioned in the Data-Engineering slack community recently.

Data Science

Update: There’s a list here also, 7 of the best data science and machine learning podcasts.

Python Specific

General Programming

  • by Charles Max Wood - programming related not python. JS, Ruby, Angular
  • Software Engineering Daily

How to listen to podcasts on your [iOS] phone

Dear reader, I believe that there is a probability you’re late to the podcast game like myself so I have some tips for how to listen to podcasts. Apple products only for now, eventually I’ll include Android when I learn how.

In a short time, I’ve ended up listening to Podcasts on my daily commutes or when running errands. It’s a game changer, I don’t know why it took living 5 years here to stumble on this when everyone around is probably doing the same? Anywho, it is important to me to have auto syncing to the mobile device.

My 2 cents: forget about the requisite wired syncing from pre-2010 and opt for the apps enable syncing episodes over wifi. I’ve been told that the Apples Podcast app is buggy. I’ve received some enthused recommendations for Overcast instead. You will have to download the app to create an account.

Image from [9to5Mac][1]

I started adding feeds to my itunes library, but was able to export the OPML from the phone and import into Overcast. The default is something like download the recent 1-3 episodes I think? I’ve yet to get into the configurations. I often listen to podcasts 1.5-2x speed with the volume cranked up.

Android users

Check out Podcast Addict.