5 Bullet Friday

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Another week wrapping up, I’m baking chocolate cake on this cold night and while waiting to eat I’m going to write out today’s five bullet points! Here are some interesting things that I learned and/or accomplishments I’m celebrating:

  • Emacs comes with spellcheck! Here are the keyboard commands
    • M-x ispell - Check and correct spelling of all words in the buffer. If the region is active, do it for all words in the region instead.
    • M- - Check and correct spelling of the word at point (ispell-word). If the region is active, do it for all words in the region instead.
    • M-x flyspell-mode - Enable Flyspell mode, which highlights all misspelled words.
  • Haskell support available with (space)emacs! Turn on the spacemacs layer for syntax highlighting and repl support for Haskell with spacemacs, also syntax highlighting for markdown.
  • Ed Finkler has some wise words on soft skills for software developers where he mentions: If someone asks how do I do X with Y, it doesn’t mean it’s an opportunity to sell another framework that you’re loyal to. Instead, find out more about the context of why they are using what they’ve mentioned. Empowerment comes from the freedom to choose, the role of advising is to provide relevant contextual information.
  • My blog post on a NYC PyLadies event I hosted back in March will be mentioned in the Insight Data Science newsletter.
  • Finally finished editing notes from the last Haskell Workshop and it’s published!

Worth noting that today I stumbled upon Staples’ spring chair sale event, up to 50% off! Perhaps you’re in need of a productivity boost with an ergonomic chair? Check it out, there are some nice looking executive chairs that are half off.

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