5 Bullet Friday

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  • “Every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return” - from this article on 4 reasons to invest in UX Design. The four main reasons listed are (1) less reworking time, (2) higher sales, (3) higher customer retention, and (4) build customer loyalty.

  • Egg yolks and egg whites cook at different temperatures. Serious Eats shows pictures of eggs at different temperatures, and the book Ideas in Food details more on the science of cooking techniques. For instance did you now why lemon juice is often added to whipped eggs? The acidity prevents clumping.

  • Python has built in functions for processing sequences without using for loop, such as map, fold, filter, and lambda functions. They come from mathematics theory and notation. There is also another way to concisely create lists using list comprehansions, which comes out more readable.

  • calc() is a way to do math in css by performing calculations and is perfect for responsive designs. You can add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/). It works in most of the latest browsers and can take percentage or absolute value units. It doesn’t fully replace box-sizing properties, however.

  • File monitoring software works like a baby monitor. It keeps an open channel to notify in real time changes in any files specified. It works great for when you are using a web framework/server that doesn’t automatically render changes in the browser. Some of the open source libraries available are inotify (linux only), fswatch, watchman, pywatchman.